King Kong vs Godzilla

    King Kong vs Godzilla – Whoa!!!  The 2 baddest monsters in a battle for the ages….what’s not to like?!!!!  I love this movie.  Well, I love all the 60’s and 70’s Toho Godzilla films and this one is no different.  Ok, lets be clear.  This film was made for 1 reason only….the battle of the monsters.  The script is bad.  The acting is no better.  The film is like watching pro wrestling.  And, you aren’t going to learn anything at all from this movie.  However, it is pure guilty-pleasure fun.  That’s why it’s a great movie.

The plot is a pharmaceutical company goes to a tropical island for advertising when they stumble on our enormous ape, King Kong.  After Kong drives away a giant octopus who is stealing his special “alcohol” prepared by the natives, the greedy guys try to get Kong back to Japan for money.  In the meantime, an American submarine unleashes the greatest monster of all-time, Godzilla, from his slumber in an iceberg.  They both head to Japan with some pretty silly “UN Reports” keeping us informed with up-to-the-minute reports.  But, once they see each other, the battle is on in glorious pro wrestling style comedy.  King Kong is brought to the fight with hot air balloons on Mt. Fuji.  Godzilla burns Kongs chest.  Kong shoves a tree down Godzilla’s throat.  And many other interesting battle scenes.  In the end, the winner by default after they fall into the ocean and only King Kong is seen swimming back home.  Godzilla’s fate is left to speculation.

The movie is pure fun and not to be taken seriously as it was intended to have more appeal to kids.  The 36% at Rotten Tomatoes and 3.5 stars at misses the point of the movie.  It’s not meant to be enlightening…just pure fun.  Oh well, what do movie critics know?  This movie is the most commercially successful of the Toho Godzilla films.  Interesting note that there were 4 Octopi used to film the attack on the village.  After filming, 3 were released.  The 4th, became a meal for the director.  Also, there has been a long standing myth of this film that there were 2 different endings.  In Asia, Godzilla was theorized to win the battle.  In America, because King Kong is American, that King Kong wins.  However, this has been dispelled due to western audiences finally getting access to the great Japanese movies of all genres.  King Kong essentially won because Kong was a greater attraction at the time.  This was only the 3rd Godzilla movie and the legend was not yet truly established.  Considering the iconic legend of both monsters in these days, it would be difficult to choose a winner today.  However, Godzilla, to me, is the greatest monster of all-time, so you know my choice.

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