Nightmare on Elm Street

     Nightmare on Elm Street – Come to Freddy!!!  In the 80’s, one of the best horror franchises was launched.  It was different than other horror movies.  The killer was actually likeable and the way he killed was fun.  Lets face it, Freddy Krueger was COOL!!!  Other horror movies have the killer as deranged, psychotic, or in a rage for some reason.  Freddy killed because that’s what he liked to do and enjoy it.  You do learn through the movies that Freddy is after the Elm Street kids because the parents burned him alive, but he also wants more and more.  But, when Freddy killed, he did it with style and maximum freight factor…and a little bit of sarcastic comedy makes him one of the best ever.  Rated 95% at Rotten Tomatoes and 4.5 stars at, even the critics liked it.  Personally, I recommend the 4 movie sets or the collection over the individual discs to get the best value.

Plot – Tina (Amanda Wyss) & Nancy (Heather Lagenkamp) are friends and realize they are having nightmares about the same disfigured & creepy guy.  Tina’s scared and that night, Nancy & her boyfriend Glen (a young Johnny Depp), come to spend the night.  Her boyfriend, Rod (Nick Corri), crashes as well.  During the night, Krueger arrives in dramatic style and brutally kills her.  Rod is scared and runs, but is caught the next day.  Nancy visits him and he mentions he too had a nightmare about a guy with knives for fingers.  Freddy visits him that night…2 down.  Nancy is having nightmares and not sleeping.  Her mother takes her to a sleep clinic.  The nightmare occurs and Nancy is awakened with a cut, but she was able to bring the killer’s hat with her.  The name in the hat is revealed as Fred Krueger.  After an argument, her mother reveals Krueger as the evil child killer that the parents murdered because he got off on a technicality.  But, her mother doesn’t believe he’s killing because he’s dead and she installs security on the windows and doors.  Nancy, sets up plan to bring Freddy into the real world and booby traps the house.  Unfortunately, Freddy gets to Glen first in a horrific scene across the street.  Then, Nancy calls to her father (a cop) who is there that she will get Freddy.  She drags him into the real world and he chases through out the house.  She sets him on fire and locks him in the basement.  She finally gets her father’s attention, but Freddy’s escaped and after mom.  Ultimately, it’s Freddy & Nancy….She robs Freddy of his power and brings everyone back.  The next day, all seems fine…..or is it?

Commentary – As stated before, Freddy was so popular because he was cool & funny when he killed them, but yet, you still feared him.  He was so popular, people in theatres cheered for him.  After killing Nancy’s boyfriend, he calls her to say, “I’m your boyfriend now, Nancy.”  Then, the famous tongue through the phone scene.  While all of the movies aren’t great, the comedy and killing gags had this series at the top of horror in the 80’s.  The original, Nightmare 3:Dream Warriors, and Wes Craven’s New Nightmare were good.  Nightmare 2 Freddy’s Revenge was horrible, as was Freddy’s Dead.  Nightmare 4: Dream Master was ok, but a weak ending.  But, even if a few were bad movies, they were enjoyable just to watch Freddy perform.

Trivia – Some interesting tidbits about Freddy was that the first time Robert Englund put on Freddy’s knife glove….he cut himself.  The color of Freddy’s red & green sweater is due to a study that Craven read stating these two colors are the most contrasting to the human retina.  The inspiration for the character was a real life, chilhood bully of Wes Craven…named Fred Krueger.  Johnny Depp makes his movie acting debut in the movie and one of the main reasons that he was chosen was because the producer’s daughter that he was “dreamy”.  And finally, New Line Cinema was nearly bankrupt and was financially saved by the success of the film…The company is now jokingly referred to as the “House that Freddy built.”

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