Halloween II (1981)

   Halloween II (1981) – “Why won’t he die?”  The second best Halloween movie of all-time is the sequel to Halloween in Halloween II.  Ok, maybe that’s a bit over the top.  Halloween II is not as good as the original, but sequels rarely are.  However, Holloween II takes the story from where the original left off and completes it with eerily creepy scenes and some that will make your skin crawl.  By bringing back the main characters and some new kids to kill, the story is completed.  The “scare factor” is a little less, but if you watch it directly after the original, you’ll enjoy it much more.  The movie doesn’t do well on its own.  It’s hard for the movie to stand alone when the opening sequence is the end of the original.  Rotten Tomatoes only has it at 29%, but the fans gave it a 67% and it is rated 4 stars at Amazon.com showing that critics can be too hard on a film that the regular viewer would enjoy.

Plot – At the end of the original, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is saved by Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasance).  Michael Myers escapes though.  Laurie is sent to the hospital and Dr. Loomis gets with the police to continue their search.  At the hospital, the paramedic, Jimmy, tells Laurie that the escaped mental patient Michael Myers was after her.  Michael makes his way to the hospital cutting the phone lines and taking care of members of the staff.  Laurie, semi-concious from sedation, tries to elude Michael through the hospital.  After a tense chase, Laurie gets out and hides in a car.  In the meantime, Dr. Loomis is found by his nurse assistant and US Marshall and is ordered back.  She reveals to him a missing file revealing Michael’s intention for Laurie (I’ll not spoil it).  He pulls his gun and forces the Marshall to go to the hospital.  After arriving, no one can be found.  Laurie gets out and tries to get to the door, but Michael now has found her.  They let Laurie in and Loomis shoots Michael.  Believing he’s dead, the Marshall gets close and Michael does what Michael does best.  Now, he’s after Laurie and Loomis until he corners them in a surgical room….You’ll have to see the spectacular ending.

Commentary –  For a sequel, this one is excellent continuing the original’s storyline.  It is not a perfect movie and has more gore, cursing, and nudity, but it completes the story in dramatic fashion.  Jamie Lee Curtis really excelled in her acting from half-concious to terror to bravery.  And, having survived the attacks of the original, you expect her to react as she did.  Also, having the actors from the original Halloween, including the Sherriff and murdered daughter Annie, added to the continuity of the film keeping you in the original’s theme.  One important note….NEVER, EVER watch Halloween III which may be the worst movie in history.

Trivia – Dana Carvey, of Saturday Night Live fame, made his movie debut in this film as an assistant to the blond reporter.  Originally, the sequel was to be that Michael followed Laurie to a high rise apartment building years later, but it was switched to the hospital right after the original events….honestly, that would have been disasterous.  Finally, to get the role of Michael, Dick Warlock put on Michael’s mask and walked into the director’s office and stared at him.  The director asked him who he was and what he wanted, but Dick refused to respond.  Then he took off the mask and asked if he could play the role.  Creativity sometimes works.

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