Top Secret

     Top Secret – “(Hillary) It’s a German name.  It means ‘she whose bossoms defy gravity’.”  Top Secret is an absolutely great movie over-shadowed by the greatness of its predecessor.  This comedy was a follow up movie by the makers of Airplane.  Unfortunately, Airplane was so great that it made many viewers not appreciate this film.  However, don’t let that keep you from enjoying it.  It is in the same comedy stylings and they bombard you constantly with jokes.  Even when it is in a lull of the action, there is usually a joke going on in the background.  It’s a silly, immature, and mindless movie, but it is hilarious and a fun 90 minutes.  I believe you’ll want to enjoy this film many times.  In fact, you’ll have to watch it several times to get all the jokes.  Rated 76% at Rotten Tomatoes and 4.5 stars at, this is a little gem worth looking into.

Plot – As with Airplane, the plot is somewhat irrelevent and an avenue for the jokes.  But, here goes.  Nick Rivers (Val Kilmer) is an American rock singer invited to East Germany to appear at a cultural festival.  Along the way, he rubs the German authorities the wrong way who strangely act like Nazi Germans.  Meanwhile, we see Hillary Flammond (Lucy Gutteridge) meeting a French Underground spy, but as the authorities catch up, she runs into a restaurant that Nick is present in.  Seeing her nervous, he claims she’s with him and they get involved.  She is part of the French Underground trying to save her father who is a brilliant scientist kidnapped by the Germans to build a powerful mine.  They join the French Underground and finally locate him in a prison.  They raid the prison, help him to escape, and flee Germany.

Commentary –  This is a completely underrated film.  Seriously, who doesn’t think a cow in rubber boots is funny?   The spoof of the Germans is hilarious and Val Kilmer’s Elvis/Beach Boys/Little Richard musical parodies will keep you entertained.  Considering this was his first feature film, his comedic timing was excellent, as well as his singing.  As stated, it’s silly at times and it’s subtle at times, but it’s funny from beginning to end.

Trivia –  The musical numbers in the film were actually recorded by Val Kilmer and released on the soundtrack under his character’s name.  When Val Kilmer is in prison, you can see a picture of Cher hanging on the wall.  Kilmer was dating Cher during that time.  The “German” spoken throughout the film is essentially gibberish.  However, some scenes contain Yiddish statements that are rather insulting.


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