Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade

     Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade – “You lost today, kid.  But that doesn’t mean you have to like it.”  The 3rd film of the Indiana Jones series returns Indiana to the action/comedy of the original.  The 2nd movie, “Temple of Doom” was too dark and incorporated an intolerable female character and the disgusting insertion of a tag along child that doesn’t fit with the character.  Unfortunately, inserting kids into movie sequels is too common.  However, some people liked it, but I have never missed not seeing that one again.  In the 3rd installment, Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) teams up with his father, Professor Jones played by Sean Connery, who is an archaeologist as well searching for the Holy Grail.  As most adults will admit, trying to take on a monumental task with their parent will only lead to frustration and missunderstandings.  Thus, a great movie is born.  Rated 89% at Rotten Tomatoes and 4.5 stars by, this movie is a treat for the entire family.

Plot – The movie starts with a back drop to young Indiana Jones and his love for adventure.  While in the boy scouts, he stumbles on some robbers in a cave that find an ornamental cross belonging to Coronado (Spanish conquistador).  Young Jones steals the cross and is chased through a circus train before making it home.  The robbers and a crooked Sherriff arrive at his house and he’s forced to return it.  The robber gives Jones his fedora and encouraging words.  As an adult, Jones recovers the cross.  While donating it to the museum, he discovers his father is missing while searching for the Holy Grail.  Soon after, he receives a package containing his father’s diary.  Knowing he is in trouble, Jones sets off to Venice where he was last seen.  Jones discovers the castle where his father is being held and breaks in.  He finds his father and realizes that he was captured by the Nazi’s (Indiana’s long time foes from the first film).  They want the Holy Grail as well.  They break out and the adventure begins.  Through countless chases and action scenes, they finally arrive to the location of the Grail.  After surviving the 3 challenges to get to the Grail, he encounters the knight that found the Grail.  The Nazis now enter seeing numerous “grails”.  The knight warns them to “choose wisely”.

Commentary –  The movie brings Indiana back to the guy we enjoyed in the original film.  The comedic back and forths with his father will likely remind you of your frustrations with your own parents.  I did.  One of the funniest scenes is when Jones is retrieving his father’s book from Berlin and stumbles right into the path of the leader of his most hated rivals…Hitler himself.  I won’t tell you how it works out, but the encounter is hilarious.  So, if you enjoyed the original Indiana Jones, then you’ll enjoy this movie as well.  There’s plenty of action, comedy, and suspense to keep you enthralled throughout.

Trivia – Steven Speilberg (director) always wanted Sean Connery to play Indiana’s dad as an inside joke that James Bond was Indiana’s father.  In the movie, we learn “Indiana” is really “Henry Jones Jr.” and that he got his name from the family dog.  Finally, while watching Indiana wrestle with the other Nazi guard through the periscope on the tank, the Nazi tells his teammates in German that “The Americans.  They fight like girls.”

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