Men In Black

     Men In Black – “We’re not hosting an intergalactic kegger down here.”  In May 2012, Men In Black III will be unleashed on the American public, a full 10 years since MIB II was released.  Before that happens, we should take time to revisit the movies that started it all.  In 1997, Men In Black was a clever take on aliens featuring a secret govt society that helps aliens immigrate and fit into society as well as protect us from the bad ones.  Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones were spectalucar as a team and their interaction throughout the film gave it a strong comedic tone.  Rated a 91% at Rotten Tomatoes and 4.5 stars at, this movie is a fun ride.

Plot – Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) is a member of a secret alien control group of the govt.  He identifies a NYPD detective James Darrell Edwards III (Will Smith) as a replacement of his retiring partner after observing him follow a diguised alien.  He invites him to headquarters where he is given a test along with several military guys.  James uses common sense to pass the test.  He’s offered the job, but given the catch that he now doesn’t “exist”.  He accepts and is dubbed Agent J.  J has a hard time learning about the technology and how the MIB operate because common sense is now out the window.  They investigate an alien landing and discover that a bug has landed, killed a man, and using his skin as a disquise.  The bug is after the “galaxy”.  K & J go to the morgue where 2 Arquillians disguised as humans had been killed and taken there with their pet cat.  At the morgue, Dr. Weaver (Linda Fiorentino) reveals his disguise, sees the alien and hears his message about the “galaxy”.  The Arquillians are now threatening the planet demanding the “galaxy” or they will destroy the Earth.  They leave in search of the “galaxy” and are puzzled.  When K & J realize the “galaxy” is on the cat, they rush back to find the bug is there.  He escapes kidnapping Dr. Weaver to get on a spaceship to go back.  K & J catch him there and must do battle to defeat the bug and save the planet.

Commentary – Men In Black was a funny and clever sci-fi film and the banter of the 2 stars will keep you laughing.  It’s like watching a father and son bicker.  Some language is strong, but it is a pretty safe family movie.  The plot is not that critical and the enjoyment of the movie is in the back and forth between J & K and a different way of viewing life.  It’s also a humorous look at man’s arrogance and how other species might view us.  To the right is a picture from MIB II, which should also be watched again soon.  It’s not as good as the original and basically just cashes in on the concept, but it is still entertaining once Tommy Lee Jones is involved.  Do not expect much from this one as Laura Flynn Boyle is not believable as the villain.  However, the entertainment value is still pretty good.  Before seeing MIB III, you want to be back up to speed since it has been 10 years since MIB II was released.

Trivia – Clint Eastwood was offered the role as K and Chris O’Donnell (Batman & Robin) was offered the role as J.  I believe this film would have been a disaster with those 2 as the stars.  After reading the script, Will Smith did not want to accept the role, but his wife convinced him.  See guys, listen to your wives.  The sunglasses used in the film are rayban “Predator 2” glasses and once the film released, sales tripled for the glasses.

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